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AHC Dyersburg

marker Dyersburg, Tennessee


6 reviews
Sharon Boyd

beverly wilkerson

Outstanding care for my mother. Staff are all so caring and efficient. Excellent home.
Purplekisses's Commentary Kingdom

When I had family here the social worker was very unprofessional. She left my grandmother's belongings in black garbage bags in the dining area where anyone could take her things. One night while working there I noticed another resident saying not so nice things to my grandmother ( who had dementia) so the nurse recommended I speak with the social worker about maybe getting her moved to another room. I called the social worker the next day and told her my concerns. She told me I had no right to call her and she had never witnessed the lady be mean to anyone. Then my supervisor called, not to check on me, but to tell me to never call the social worker directly again. smh
Jim Flatt

Jay Murphy