18 reviews

Amara Home Care

marker Chattanooga, Tennessee


18 reviews
Walter McAllister

Having worked here for some time now, I can say they are very flexible with hours and are willing to work around my schedule, and they always get me my paycheck on time every week. More importantly, this company truly cares about making sure their clients are well taken care of.
sarah womac

Alexis McCrary

Management, and the ladies in the office, work tirelessly all day to make sure that every client has the care they deserve. They have exceptionally high standards for their caregivers. I have never experienced a better home care place!
lexi nt

The only reason families have had any good experiences with these folks is because of the caring nature of the caregivers hired. To work for this company is hell. There is no training at all. You are thrown in and held liable for someone's loved one. They are too cheap to hire CNAs and registered nurses so caregivers are changing catheters without proper knowledge. I was told that it was a 24 hour service but when I called to get information on my shift the next morning I was told to call back during business hours because she was home with her kids despite the fact that was the 24 hour hotline. My mother works for Adult Protective Services and she suggested reporting them. Its absolutely crazy
Lindsey Faye