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5 reviews
muzi b

The absolute worst company to work for as they are highly unorganized and unprofessional. Ive repeatedly reached out to Teresa Nightingale over at the Mt Juliet location about getting my final paycheck (which I was supposed to receive over a month and a half ago).. not only did she lose my timesheets and my check was never cut, she was very rude when I i asked if my paycheck could possibly be expedited seeing it was supposed to be cut a over 2 pay periods ago. Even though i didnt work that many hours i feel like i deserve to get paid for my time. Ive reached out to corporate about it, and hopefully they resolve it. I would not recommend anyone to work for this company
Pamela Paulin

Two of my providers were simply amazing. I could not ask for better. But while heading to various appointments I have stopped by the offices a few times. Each time, one or two employees were in there complaining about their pay being short...again. They cannot maintain staff in their local offices because they get fed up being yelled at by the employees because they are not getting what they were promised. I may add more to this statement once I see how my chat turns out with them today 10-23-2019.
Ron W

Kristina Goleman

Amy Hawk