5 reviews

Aberdeen Health and Rehab

marker Aberdeen, South Dakota


5 reviews
C Jensen

We want to thank the staff for their compassionate care of our mother. Jackie went above and beyond, and we are so appreciative.The hospice staff were angels to our mom, too, making her journey as comfortable as possible.
Megan Kleinsasser

Christine Schaeffer

Wouldnt give stars honestly my mom has only been in there two whole days and already she hasnt had a great experience. She was left on a bed pan cause she isnt able to get up and also since when is there a shortage on water for patients at the Aberdeen Health and Rehab. When she was in short term care a year ago never had a problem but now that she is long term an cant move we havent had nothing but problems. So disappointed in them thought they were better then that. I going in to file a report tomorrow and currently looking for another place for my mom to stay as now dont trust them out there.
Mike Brown

Diane schultz