5 reviews

Abington Manor Memory Care Village

marker Easton, Pennsylvania


5 reviews
Sandy Cray

Our Mother lived at Abington Manor Senior Living for 7 joyful months before she passed away. The dedication, care and compassion of all of the staff were outstanding. We always were treated with respect and felt comfortable asking questions of any staff member at any time. The resident population is small enough, that every staff member knows all of the residents and their needs. The food services staff, activities staff, personal care staff and administration have always shown kindness to all of our family. We are happy that we chose Abington for our family.
Nicole Alban

Caring and compassionate staff! Residents are well cared for and truly loved. Such a warm, homelike environment!!
Philip Holderith

Horrible place. They continually allowed an old woman in a wheelchair to wheel herself onto the street, in the hot sun during the summer - on the road where a car could have hit her. The staff insisted it was okay, because 'she does that.' No concern for her safety at all, she could have caused an accident or suffered heatstroke. I actually tried to explain this to a staff member and she accused me of overdramatizing the situation. Also the food is terrible and the staff did an absolute minimal job in keeping the residents' rooms clean. Avoid at all costs if you have the slightest concern for the fate of your elders. Human life has no value here. It's not even cheap, they overcharge for rooms, which is why they actually had empty rooms here the last time I checked. Don't pay for garbage!I see that there has been a response to this review, and the response contains several errors. 1 - SHE WAS ON THE STREET. SHE WAS NOT IN A PROTECTED AREA. A CAR COULD HAVE HIT HER. This is not an exaggeration. She was in an area where cars could have hit her. I should have taken pictures. 2 - NO ONE WAS WATCHING HER. The staff was inside, she was outside. 3 - MY GRANDFATHER USED TO LIVE THERE, BERNARD LEONARD. CHECK YOUR RECORDS. He left after a few years because of the poor service. It is true that I have no experience in healthcare, but I know the basic rules of safety. You don't play in the street! If this person was in a 'protected area,' they should post some pictures of this 'protected area' and show that it actually exists! I am not denying that this facility has some good services, but that does not negate the danger that this woman was in!

Compassionate staff who really care about making residents comfortable and happy. Highly recommend.
Catrina Hanlon