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Allegria at The Oaks

marker Bensalem, Pennsylvania


17 reviews
Michelle Snyder

The care they have given my grandmother has been great! Never thought we could get her to transition from her home of 60+ years to here. The staff works very hard to get their residents to feel like they are at home. The activities/games that are done there are great! Keeps their minds going! My grandmother talks about how good the food is. Personalizing her room was fun! We made her room feel like home with furniture from her house and etc.. We can call anytime Of the day to ask how she is doing! Highly recommend this facility!!
Raphael Rand

My grandfather, god bless his soul, had to be put into a home. We were hesitant at first but I must say the care and compassion that Allegria has shown to our dear pops made all doubts fade away. He would always talk about how great the food was and how nice the nurses were to him. No matter what he needed they always helped with a smile and were nothing but helpful throughout his entire stay. Every time we went to visit the nurses sat down with us and gave us a full summary of how he was doing, and they were very open and helpful with us in general. Their recent renovations are gorgeous as well and add to the pleasantness of my grandad's stay. Highly recommended!! Great staff!!
al dubs

My parents were residents of Oaks from October 2016 until my mom passed away in May 2018 (my dad had passes away in November 2017). They had always resisted the idea of living anywhere other than at home. However, it was becoming increasingly difficult for for me to care for them and I eventually had to quit my job in order to be home with them. They ended up suffering concurrent falls on Labor Day and and were taken to Aria-Torresdale hospital. The doctor informed us that it was no longer safe for them to live at home and the social worker at the hospital placed them in a local nursing home. It soon became apparent to me this was not the type of facility where I wanted my parents to spend their final years They were not even able to share the same room together after being married for 70 years.Quite by accident I found Allegria at the Oaks and was very impressed by the tour I received of the facility. It was clean, bright, and cheerful and the residents I spoke with all appeared very happy.. i was able to transfer my parents to this facility within a couple of weeks and they were so happy to be in the same room. They involved themselves in various activities and were offered and also enjoyed dining with other residents while their health permitted. They enjoyed the company of both staff and residents alike. As their health declined over time the level of care they required increased and the Oaks staff provided excellent care for my parents. I myself visited every morning and got to know many of these caring staff members on a personal level as well. My dad passed away rather quickly after his kidneys rejected his dialysis treatments and Oaks welcomed hospice services for my mom during her final 6 months and worked in conjunction with the hospice staff.i am forever grateful to these wonderful people and so glad I decided to move my parents to the facility.
Paul Graziani

Mom has been a resident since mid-February. The thoughtfulness and caring from everyone from the director to the assistants is extraordinary. Even with her difficulties in walking and managing her personal care, she's in very good hands. She really does enjoy it at Allegria. <3
Pam Bojangles

Grandma at Oaks for 8 mos I'm disappointed in some things and happy in other regards. Let's start with the 'happy'. The staff is friendly & kind and engages the residents in interesting activities daily. The dining room is bright and cheerful. The renovations appear complete and are lovely. The renovations went beyond just some new plants & wall hangings; they completely ripped out the living room and dining room- floor and all. The 'wrist watch style' call system is a nice addition to the routine staff visits which are typically every 2 hrs even if the resident hasn't called. The residents wear this watch and push a single button when they need help of any kind. The 'disappointed part' is Bucks County Dept of Health reports. Although they are working to resolve issues, it seems slower that I would have liked. The wrist watch style 'call device' experienced a system crash and is not repairable. In the interim during replacement, residents were each issued a 'bell hop style' desk bell. Doors are encouraged to be left ajar when possible since many residents have a personal tv in their room and its noise level can be an issue. The staff routine check-in visits were increased to 30min intervals during call bell replacement. I last visited 3 days ago. At the time, I had asked two different staff members but could not tell me when the new call system would be in place. Maybe I didn't ask the right person. Today I received news that the new call system would go-live by tomorrow. That is good news.