10 reviews

Alexandria Manor of Bath

marker Bath, Pennsylvania


10 reviews
Swiss Family

Incredible Facility! I have worked within these facilities as a outside home health agency for a good many years. There was a change in management here that has changed the whole feel and aspect of the facility. If you want a facility where the administrator knows your name, knows your loved ones name and knows what is going on with them at all times then Alexandria Manor Bath is the facility you should choose. Being a nurse I see many facilities, I can count on one hand how many facilities I have been in where the administrator gets down in the trenches with the aides and med techs. Seeing an administrator walk away from her lunch because a call bell is ringing doesnt happen very often, but is very common here. This facility runs off of Professionalism, Accountability, Integrity and Love for another human being.
Roger Sykes

Michael Antoniotti

Wonderful staff that is dedicated; polite and professional. Don't believe any of these negative reviews; the entire staff is focused on the elderly care and love you would want for your loved ones. I could never thank them enough for the love and care they gave my Mother. I feel very fortunate to have landed with such an amazing team
Zeni Jackson

I recently visited a friend and she seemed happy living there. She likes the activities and the people but said the food could be a little better. It was clean and staff was nice to me.
Cheryl Wright

My advice! Run from this place, dont go there. Rooms are coopholes, no TV or phones, must bring your own. Very small area with TV that the men hog. No activities on weekends. Activity room gets locked l was told on weekends. No puzzles, cards or games around for them. Just a TV in a small confined room. Workers yelling, smoking outside door of building, smell coming inside. I wasnt allowed to take my mother out to eat because l was told l wasnt on my brother's list but my mom isn't incompetent and can make up her own mind plus l told them l was partial power of attorney. She was confined to boredom hell her whole while in there. My 86 year old mom was yelled at for picking up a can of pledge spray lying around which is dangerous for elderly with dementia. Nurse aides are rude one while getting on elevator said about my mom that she is damn nasty when my mom was just trying to joke with her. They dont answer .ain phone. Nobody at desk when l went in on Saturday for first time. Found cook I. Office. Place is like a hail. My mom was confined to her room to stare at the walls. Thank God l took her mags and word fine books. My brother put her in there for short term. Probably did NOT check place out!