13 reviews

Above & Beyond Senior Living

marker Allentown, Pennsylvania


13 reviews
Joseyna Melo

Summer Auroraaa

Tina at above and beyond was very rude and unprofessional. Every time I call she was very rude and kept cutting me off to talk over me .She was talking to 3 other people on the phone and I didnt know if she was talking to me or another person. Then, She got got mad because I couldnt Hear her because there was beeping in the background as well. Im so upset because she was so rude and disrespectful. Now Im going to have to call Corporate because they have my information and I dont know what she will do with it .
Luanne LaRose

I showed up unexpectedly to tour this facility for my mom. Its better not to have an appointment because you get the true experience and not a staged one. What I found was an immaculately clean place. I smelt bleach and windex. The residents were dressed in clean clothes without stains on their shirts. Residents choose from menus, restaurant style, and if they dont like whats on the menu they have an alternative menu with 9 other things, like chef salad, BLT, grilled cheese, etc. There are snacks 24/7, and yummy snacks, not government food. They have a Bistro with coffee and beverages throughout the day. They crank up their bread machines and fresh bread comes out for a snack. Food , Cleanliness and Care are their first priorities to their Seniors. We have been here exactly one month. Never have I smelt urine or other bad smells. I smell cleaning products. People are constantly cleaning and vacuuming! Its amazing! I am finally relaxing. I found a great place for Mom. She loves it here! She has lots of friends and enjoys the activities. Her room and bathroom are spotless. Its wonderful to trust them with your mom and not be disappointed. They deserve an outstanding review. They work hard and the residents are benefitting from sincere care and love. I am thankful to God.
cathy berkheiser

The care is awful and so us the food.
Llc Santi

The owners do in fact treat the residents very good ! But the one thing there really poor at is communicating ! And treating their employees with respect! When they are ones who should be giving the most respect! Being as tho they are the ones who are hands on taking care of your family members! God forbid a person mistreats someone because they where mistreated by someone who is supposed to be a supervisor! Disgusting! And another is ! They need to have more people on the floor caring for residents! Two people on each section is not enough! Two people giving medications are NOT ENOUGH!