9 reviews

Alma Gardens Apartments

marker Hillsboro, Oregon


9 reviews
Steve Van Fossen

Anibal Carrillo

Cecilia Keelan-uhlik

Amazing management. Great maintenance support. Clean and quiet. Plenty of parking. Community Garden and Day Room. Very pet friendly. Wi-fi and printer available. Steps from Blue Max. Bus service convenience. Shops and outdoor public area's. Highly recommend.
Dirk Knudsen

This is a really beautiful building and housing offering right in the platform district at Old Orenco where I live and sell real estate! this building is not only beautiful but the staff does a great job and it's so wonderful to interact with the residents there! I particularly like their front entrance and the community gardens around back. They are an essential part of keeping our community vital and we value them! I caught this photo late in December of 2018 just before Christmas. it's a fun area to visit and you can take the MAX right to this location and hit the stores and shops where you will find friendly people and many great places to eat and shop!
Joshua Smith

Initial Caveat: I am not a customer or resident of this establishment. Instead, this review is coming from a local neighbor. As such, be aware that this does not reflect specifically on the business owners, but the culture cultivated by the managers and their clientele.Alma Gardens is situated smack dab in the middle of a very high-foot-traffic commercial and residential district, of the higher-end quality. As such, pedestrian traffic is extremely high. All of us who live in this neighborhood seem to be aware of this.The residents, however, have a very territorial and toxic attitude toward this pedestrian traffic, to the point of extending their protectiveness well beyond the actual 'private' property boundaries, to the point of actively harassing and verbally assaulting those who 'violate' these perceived boundaries.Over the past six months, while near this building I have been screamed at by a resident twelve times on my daily walk. Accused of 'peering into' their windows, violating their privacy, it runs the gamut. I've had the cops actually called on me four of those times, for:- Standing in the shaded area next to the free, public parking structure across the lot from the building while cooling off- Having a conversation with a former coworker on the public sidewalk near tbe building.- Stopping in front of the building to answer a work email.- Pausing while walking through the parking lot to look at the open art installation (a false gate made of recycled flatware) they have in their back area -- from outside the fence.Every interaction with these neighbors has been toxic and abusive, and is indicative of the sorts of residents the management seem to be interested in curating.Buyer beware.