14 reviews

Adara Oaks Manor

marker Gresham, Oregon


14 reviews
Brianna Braden

I've loved working here! Very rewarding.
Adebisi Adeosun

ace k

Caden Stolz

This building has made amazing progress in 2019, I have had the honor of empowering the positive changes. This building is owned by threes amazing, kind hearted, great people and it really shows in the building. Before a judgement is made, come and experience the new Adara Oaks Manor.
laurie Makin

I am a employee at adara oaks and I love it management is very supportive and helpful and they treat staff very equal and they are very understanding and are fair with staffing when it comes to staff needing time off they do try to accommodate your needs I have nothing negative to say I would highly recommend this facility its one of the best places I have ever worked . The key to a good place to work is good management and at Adara Oaks we have a great management team .