31 reviews

Adams Parc

marker Bartlesville, Oklahoma


31 reviews
Judy Spears

This facility released a family member to go home and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital in less than 36 hours! Unacceptable in any medical environment, warranting a physician review. A competent physician and staff would have transported him to the hospital. Totally inappropriate and life threatening to dismiss him to home. His entire family is thanking God the hospital doctor and staff took quick and appropriate action!
Christina Culver

My sister was in Adams Parc for several weeks after a fall and minor brain injury. The facility itself is very nice, but the staff makes all the difference. Every member of the staff, and the executive director, were kind, compassionate and went out of their way to help. It is encouraging to know that there are some medical facilities that are still run based on patient care and relationship first and foremost. Thank you Adams Parc and staff!
James Long

Brenda Maggard

Would not send a dog here.
Pat Oulds