2 reviews

Alpine House of Toledo

marker Toledo, Ohio


2 reviews
Toya Harris

Very unprofeesional environment. The workers half know what there doing. It smells the rooms are very nasty bedbug infested poor management Stephanie Kilgus is a liar and is not a good manager. She let the worker influence her to fire employees and getthem in trouble the residence are not getting showered right there hungry just s bad place for ypur loves to live. So if you know anyone who has family there get them out its not safe or clean. Very toxic place to be for workerd and residence.
Darlene Ysasi

My stepmother lived there for a year and some. The place is kept tidy, and the staff is nice. I feel they do care about their residences. The nurses are great! However, i feel more attention was needed towards her hygiene. After I was no longer involved in her care and then paid a visit, her room had a horrible smell more than once.