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Altercare Somerset

marker Somerset, Ohio


19 reviews
Jenna Morin

The best thing I ever did was transfer my mom from here. Nurses were great and thats why I gave 2 stars but the rest was prettyAwful. From aides telling my mother (whom has a diagnosis of dementia) that she didnt need to be there, to them basically pushing her out the door without a proper and safe discharge. The threats of charging her private pay costs and then the final straw of submitting the Medicaid level of care paperwork and not including more than half of the required paperwork to get her approved to stay. The professionalism is definitely LACKING. Im grateful to say that I quickly made the choice to transfer her elsewhere, where she has since made great strides and has met the level of care standards!
Fred Bowls

My wife is in there from what I seen the staff is great and the food isn't bad either
Cali Dunn

I couldnt be happier about this place and the stnas that work there! Every time I visit my grandma she has nothing but good things to say about Kate and Shawna. They are two of the most caring stnas Ive ever met! They make her feel like she matters, and that her needs are met. Shes never been as happy as she is now! Thank you girls for all that you do, my family and I appreciate you more than youll ever know!!
Todd Horn

Altercare Somerset is the best.Whoever is in charge of hiring has done an amazing job of assembling quality people- in every area/aspect. If you are looking for a place for your loved one-you cannot get a better setting full of compassionate people. No matter where you choose- EVERY PATIENT/LOVED ONE NEEDS A FULLY ENGAGED ADVOCATE.This is not a suggestion, this is a fact-anywhere-always.
Destiny Rene