5 reviews

Altercare Summit Acres

marker Caldwell, Ohio


5 reviews
Buck and Jess Nalley

Jaime Bond

Horrible place to work !! I worked here for over a year and was dedicated to my job and the residents. I got looked over numerous times for many positions with no explanation. I had put in my 2 week notice in May to go PRN and then was told it was up to the administrator to fulfill that notice and I was terminated. I had never been reprimanded or had any discliplinary issues my entire time there and the residents loved me. And now Im on the do not hire list. The my dont know how to treat their good staff and they keep the horrible staff there and promote them. Im getting a lawyer.
nathan hayes

We have been so happy with the care provided for both our parents. The facilities are always spotless and the employees genuinely caring for the patients. Highly recommended.
Tony LaFollette

Tallie Morris