11 reviews

Alleghany Center

marker Sparta, North Carolina


11 reviews
Susan Storey

The staff is dedicated and compassionate to all the residents. We moved our son back to NC from a nursing home out of state and of course we were so worried about the transition for him. We are so blessed that we found Genesis Alleghany Center! Our son loves it and we do too! The whole staff made him feel loved the moment we walk in the door! I speak with experience since our son has fought for his life the moment he was born 21 years ago! If you are searching for a great place for your love one, search no further!! Come here and you too will be pleased!
Jason Sawyers

Like any other place that does services like these places do . Good friendly workers an what I like the most they all good ol country gals mainly an pretty 2.
Lydia Mills

My mom was taken there to have Physical Therapy from where she hurt her back, the staff was amazing treated her so well she didn't want to come home. Rooms were clean, feed well & just all around a great experience for her and us as family members didn't have to worry about her not being treated well. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone who is needing PT short term rehab or long term care.
Cindy Mcclanahan

Some of the most caring people I have ever met work here.
Traci Lester Taylor

0 stars. This place is HORRIBLE and should be SHUT DOWN immediately! There are only 2 nurses per wing, even in an Alzheimer's wing that had 30-60 patients out of their minds. They say we can call and check on our grandparents at any time, but they NEVER answer the phone. My grandfather can't feed himself or drink on his own, and he's gone an entire day without being given any water. He was literally begging for it when we went to visit. We found him with his diaper soaked through, falling off of him, and his bed sheets soaked and messed in. We found days old dried puke (or diarrhea or something) on the floor above the bed. We even found out the nurses lied to us about the medication they were giving my grandmother and we're currently having a lawyer follow up. Unfortunately, our options are limited because they were put in this place by Social Services. We're currently filing for guardianship but there is nothing we can do until the court case is resolved. Their conditions have declined rapidly since being put into this hell hole. There's not even anyone checking visitors in our out at all. You just walk in and walk out.