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Alzheimer's Related Care

marker Jacksonville, North Carolina


7 reviews

So I am a former employee at this facility. I miss it deeply, since then I have moved out of state which is why I left my job as a CNA. I've been doing this work for almost 10 years now, and one thing I've never seen before is the ability to really grow and advance, and maybe because it was so small it really gave people the ability to do so. But also do it very fast, which was nice you didn't have to be doing it for 20 years for someone to tell you that you were doing good, they were great with telling people when they did something right, or above and beyond, they did it in front of others but also just you two which was nice also. It was really one of the first aide jobs I was able to really shine, and see what I could do, and handle there, and in the job. I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to handle death, and I finally experienced it there for the first time in my career a VERY long time ago. And the DON came within the hour, met with the family, and everything was at least I thought, appropriately handled. It was very late at night, after 11pm and that is all I will say about that, but it was very nice to see how it was handled, and the care they showed fo the family once they arrived to say goodbye. And especially being the one who found him, being my first death, but also telling the wife and son, I was never in that position before, and never taught in school when dealing with that part of the job that you would have to keep telling the spouse to stop putting the oxygen back on them because they've passed, that was a very surreal moment for me, and maybe because that happened is why I have a special place in my heart for the ARC, but other then that it meant a lot the DON patted my back when I clocked out and smiled at me, and said good job today, and that was enough. I didn't need an award obviously lol, but it was something that maybe I just didn't expect given everything else happening, maybe I'm not use to being told that because I've been doing it so long, I don't know, but that meant a lot. Especially after that night, it was what I needed that I didn't even know, and it's a very small facility which is also great, you still have so much to do, as they only have a med tech who isn't usually a nurse, but an aide like you, but with a little more training, but relatively the same as a CNA, and 2 CNAs usually, so that's all for the building unless things have changed since I worked there but that was but a few years ago. But it worked like I said for how small the facility is, and the resident to aide ratio, honestly no place is perfect, but if I didn't move out of state I would of 100% stayed, I enjoyed my time there, and miss it to this day. Hopefully it has stayed relatively the same, and everyone is still being treated as they deserve to be.
Karen bradbury

Staff seems to be friendly for the 1st time visiting and seems to care about the residents. The facility appears to be very clean and well kept.
Kent Smith

Clean home and caring professionals
It’s Tyraaa

Joyce Boyd

Nice place