20 reviews

Abbotswood at Irving Park

marker Greensboro, North Carolina


20 reviews
Queet Queet

Overall a Great Company to work for Friendly Environment Great benefits and also development Opportunities for growth and Education. This company has strong principles that I have enjoyed working under for my career. I have had great opportunities to do challenging work, and also have had great managers, and overall believe that I have been compensated fairly. I have met wonderful people during the course of My employment. People from Abbotswood are friendly, helpful and Energized talking with them makes me more motivated about my job . I also love the Hr. Manager there Adrienne she is very punctilious and Sincere To what the employees needs and wants are. She has a beautiful spirit inside and out. She is Amazing at what she does and making sure that we are comfortable at work . Thanks Abbotswood Well Appreciate!
Coco Stan

I have been a caregiver here at Abbotswood for 11 years and I tell you this is a wonderful place to live and work. The residents are kept entertained with all sorts of events and activities, the fine dining they provide is exceptional , and the staff is so caring and attentive to residents needs. A great place for seniors leaving their own homes to call their new home.
Marilynn Moore

My dad transferred to Abbotswood after a terrible experience at another facility. When he arrived, he was severely depressed and very weak physically. With some urging from the staff, he became interested in making friends at Abbotswood and started doing physical therapy there as well. I truly believe the caring and kind people at Abbotswood saved his life. After being there for 6 months or so, he is much stronger physically and his mental status has improved greatly. I am so glad we found Abbotswood. I have nothing but thanks and praise to everyone who works there. Keep it up!
Karen Wall

I want to share my great experiences with Abbotswood. I have visited for over 3 years. The staff is always very helpful and positive. Smiles everywhere - from Marketing/Sales, Housekeeping, ED, and CNAs! (The man in transportation is about the happiest man I've ever met.) I have been to many functions and they are always top-notch. The community is clean, and well-run. My highest praise, however, is for their new community for people with high-functioning dementia. My mother fits in this category and I look forward to seeing residents thrive!
Tammy Laws

Upon my visit to Abbotswood, I was greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hello. The facilities were sparkling clean and there was a sense of a family atmosphere. The residents seemed to be happy and enjoying the activities.