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Alamance House

marker Burlington, North Carolina


7 reviews
R. Gibbs

I am an attorney. I attempted to permit my client who was a resident to execute a healthcare POA and Living Will. It took me 10 minutes to find a staff member. Residents were sitting in their wheelchairs and drooling. The place smelled of urine. They called the police to report me as a trespasser. If elderly residents don't need a slicing Will and a health care POA who does? These people appeared incompetent and rude and uncaring of the residents or their guests. I will NEVER let a member of my family even consider this place.
Holly Williams

It's pretty bad. If you have the means, look elsewhere. Unfortunately, we are stuck with it. My mom is in the memory care unit. It is just a ton of work on my part to be sure her BASIC needs are met. Sad.
Anna Cruz-Luciano

Doug Wilkinson

I am an employee at Alamance House and love it here! We have a very caring and compassionate staff. I would not hesitate having a loved come to live here. It is clean and does not have odors. On any given day you will see residents in memory care out of their rooms and engaged...It is a blessing to see this interaction!
Vera Gillespie

Here are the facts: first night my mother fell, and no one called me. Next day still no call to inform me my mother who has vascular dementia, and is wheelchair bound had fallen and was sent to the hospital. I called during their second shift and they thought she fell but was not sure and needed to calla supervisor to verify. Stopped in unannounced one day in the evening, my mother's room was a mess and bed unmaid trash bag full of solid depends and wipes on the floor in her room, and a pack of cigarettes on my mother's night stand ( she does not smoke). We bought a brand new mattress when we moved here in a week later changed to a smaller bed so they could get on both sides. Within on week the $800 bed was ruined because it was urine soaked. I provided multiple waterproof mattress covers so they would be able to wash one and use another. When they made her bed they did not use them. I arrived one Sunday at 2pm my moms bed had urine soaked pads on it and had not been made for the day, in the bathroom there was feces on the floor and liquid soap spilled on the sink and floor I made them aware and I was there for several hours and no one came to clean it so before I left I cleaned it myself. Another weekend visiting with my brother and my mom needed to use the restroom she used her in room call button no one came, we paid additional fees to cover her needed assistance with toileting etc. The icing on the cake was when I found out that they called and had a sedative prescribed so they could Medicare her in an effort not to deal with her, no one ever ....ever called to say they were doing this or even had a need to. My mother's Dr denied the request,but they played the system and called an on call Dr who did not know her and got it perscribed. There is more but if you read this and even wonder....don't trust me! I was in your shoes looking for a place for my mom ...don't be fooled by the newish building. I would rather put my mom in an older facility with people who love and care for her like they would their own mother, and it is not here! I moved her out in less than a month and as traumatic as that was for her and I she is so much better off now, thriving and not on any sedatives or mood altering drugs