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Adirondack Health

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22 reviews
Patrick Cassidy

Amber Cleveland

I came to get help for a broken tooth, with the nerve exposed. The worst dental pain Ive ever been in, in my life. I dont have a regular physician Im still new to the area. I admit I have come in a couple times for this tooth. I dont have a car and I work 9-5 daily so I had to miss a dental appointment. When asked for something for pain to help sleep through the toothaches, they refused me any pain medication. I understand the opioid epidemic, I wasnt asking for OxyContin or Hydrocodone, I was hoping for a simple Tylenol 3 or a low dose of tramadol to take the edge off so I can sleep and be able to function at work. I will never come to this hospital again, they did not help me and couldnt understand as a single mother with a 9-5 job, why I couldnt just get some pain management. Being treated like a junkie was the most humiliating upsetting experience and the drs has there laughs and giggles, I can hear behind the curtain. I will be personally talking to someone of higher authority.
kara zesky

Jackie Hancock

Had bloodwork done at Adirondack medical in Saranac lake. I had a good visit everyone was very friendly & helpful!
Bill Brown

I was there recently for ekg, stress tests. The lady in radiology was fantastic, she was polite, talked, and escorted me to and from cardiology, and even escorted me back to the lobby. Staff overall for me was great