32 reviews

Adirondack Camp

marker Putnam Station, New York


32 reviews
Steve Gilmer

Vladimir Epifanov

Literally heaven - on - earth. Been here for 2 years ( as a camper )Amazing. I am speechless. Always wait to come back. Sorry for the photo being so bougie, its just the only one I have.
Vicki M.

@EmmaRambat stop complaining about the price - find someone to pick up the tab for your kids camp and things will go much smoother.
Ann Fiepke

I have been so blessed being able to spend 3 of my last 4 summers here as one of the camp nurses! It is truly an amazing place.. with so much to offer children on both land and water, indoors and out, in beautiful upstate New York. I plan on returning for the rest of my life as my schedule allows and can't wait to have my kids be campers someday!
Fernando Cruz

It's an amazing place, you can do a lot of activities, many cultures in one place, you can make a lot of friends and meet awesome people, I love the peace that you feel there, it's indescribable, it's a place for getting along with nature