32 reviews

Affinity Skilled Living

marker Oakdale, New York


32 reviews
Sandy Rementer

They killed my mother. Literally let her oxygen tank run out while sitting in the hallway. Led to multiple strokes. Another 5 weeks and she was gone.
Judy Hawthorne

They are understaffed and the general attitude of the aides and nurses are getting to be uninterested in the care of the patients and residents they were hired to care for. Upper management is just going along with it, since it flows down from the upper levels. It was better 3 years ago.
Kathy Seaman

I know this facility has had a poor reputation. The place isn't good at all. A friend's loved was glad to get out of there. Very poor place. Has had this reputation from the get go. I would never place a loved one friend there at all. I put place any kind of animal there.

kingbrockzilla fan

A woman asked to go outside and was told in a couple of minutes 45 minutes later I leave and see that same nurse on her phone doing nothing. The women was still laying in bed.