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Achieve Rehab and Nursing Facility

marker Liberty, New York


20 reviews
Carlos and Larizsa Feliz


Achieve Rehab ReviewI arrived at Achieve Rehab in terrible shape after five weeks lying flat on my back in a hospital after major surgery on my intestines. I could barely lift my head or move my legs a helpless slab of meat on a platter. Now, five weeks later, Im zipping around in my wheelchair, preparing to walk again and get home as soon as possible. The physical therapists have been wonderful very kind and incredibly patient and knowledgeable. Most of the staff including the aides are likewise even at 3 a.m. when I ring the call-bell. Ive noticed that they try hard to make peoples stay here interesting and fun with an assortment of activities. Its an attractive building with pleasant, nicely decorated public spaces and bedrooms that are kept very clean. In conversations with the owner, Ive been impressed with his compassion towards residents and his desire to constantly improve the institution.All in all I would say this is a first rate facility with a caring, efficient and responsive administration. When there have been problems or misunderstandings I have found that the issues are generally resolved pretty easily. I am grateful that Ive been able to spend time here when I needed it and am glad to give Achieve Rehab a Five Star rating.
Nancy Alarie

Achieve Rehab has been a positive experience.All the staff is great and helpful.
Walter Moylan

My wife Dorothy stay at Achieve and her stay was just great , I can't thank the staff enough, as they showed nothing but kindness, with a great attitude. Always helpful each and every one , And although we were strangers when we arrived we left as friends.It would take another page to write all their names but they who they are . All can say is in our time of need Achieve did succeed. Thank you very Walter Moylan
Daphne Fuller

We have been here since October 22nd or 23rd I think,and it has been very nice.Weve been treated pretty good.We had an issue with one nursing supervisor but we talked to her boss and it was handled.There was a few times my son got his antibiotics late but that wasn't the nurses fault.Other than those things,it's been really good here.Everyone we meet has been very respectable.I get meals with my son,am able to stay here with him because of his high anxiety.The food is good.Except I hate fish.Lol.I would recommend this place for anyone who has to have rehab or anything else.Thank you for taking great care of my son and me.Thank You Achieve.