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Amber Court of Brooklyn

marker Brooklyn, New York


22 reviews
Moon Child

These are senior citizens not sea creatures, stop giving them so much salt in their food as if their life depends on. Next thing you know, their blood pressure goes up and the doctor is trying to shove meds down their throats. Where is the MONEY going to if you can't feed these people decent meals, or atleast have some sort of variation? The only other option besides having a poor excuse for a meal is air. I can't imagine how hungry those people are its truly heart breaking...
Keshia Wilson


We went to take a tour and met with the Director olga. while Olga was very nice strike one for me was her office. It looked like hell, there where files all over the place and it was completely disorangized. If you can't take care of your work space how do I trust you with my mother? strike two was the cleanliness of this place was not great the bottom of the walls where filthy the top of the garbage cans had not been cleaned in years it had dirt in places where if they cleaned on a regualer basis it would not be dirty. I then noticed that the floor was sticky in the cafeteria strike 3 was as Olga explianed to me that the residents have assiged seating for meals I noticed that they put the food out to sit on the table before the resident get to the cafeteria smh so anyone can come stick their finger in your food before you get it and the soup on the table was already cold. strike 4 was the 'Recreation/ activity tables' where two old long tables with the residents coloring like children with worn down crayons and the TV room looked like 150 residents most of them had wheelchairs or walkers crammed into a space which was strike 5 and 6 strike seven was the very small bedroom that have small bathrooms which I thought was way to small for two older people to share only to find out that you can walk through the restroom to get to another residents room so four older people using a bathrrom the size of a powder room this place is terrible I dont understand the reviews. even if the staff is great its too crowded and too dirty. this is a 1000000% real review
Nic H

While the accommodations are adequate, the care, attention and follow-through of theft of my uncles belongings have been fallen on deaf ears and/or NOTHING done at all. Im pretty sure if investigated, there probably isnt any sort of paperwork filed regarding the situation. Oh wait... the response from staff regarding the incidentS ... oh its probably because you have nice things. Are you serious??? EVERY TIME hes gone to the hospital - hes come back to a room picked clean. We replace the items - he leaves the room... things evaporate! How is this unimportant, please advise.
Vera Odion

Best place to be in