30 reviews

Adirondack Experience, the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake

marker Blue Mountain Lake, New York


30 reviews
Paige Billings

We had a great experience with our kids who are three and seven. It was a really good mix of history and Hands-On for the little kids. They absolutely loved it and are still talking about it.
Adriana Laser

Can't believe I hadn't heard of this place in the several times I had visited the Adirondacks before period what a hidden gem. Seems largely targeted towards children but adults intrested in history would still find several hours of entertainment here. The cafe had a wonderful view. So many activities for the children from arts and crafts to Feeding the fish to dressing up and pretending you were a child hundreds of years ago.
Stephen G

This 'Experience' is unique. If you have never been to the Adirondacks, then this a must stop...before exploring the rest of the 6 million acres. It will give you a flavor of this area from 20,000 years ago to present day. Geology, culture, civilizations, industry, water craft, arts and much more. You ask and the museum has it. The cafe is also very good.The staff is super friendly and helpful. The docents are amazing. This is the best bang for the buck anywhere. Go Now!!!!
Archangel Productions LLC

This museum is an Adirondack institution. I've been visiting for over 30 years. I wish they did not change their name. The recent displays showing tourism from the 50s through the 80s are fun to look at however the newest display of taxidermy is a bit much to stomach. That's coming from a very non-PC person. Despite that, I would recommend anyone who visits the ADK Park to come here.
Ralph Orr

Enjoyed the new exhibit and the art gallery. Very well done. I hope the museum can find a way to keep art of the Adirondacks as an important part of the Adirondack Experience.