4 reviews

( mom's house) Mickle Towersl

marker Camden, New Jersey


4 reviews
Skyy thelimit

I will be this week and I will give you my opinion then and again in 1 month. Can not really give up any stars yet.
Will B

Words cant describe this place well enough.Has to be seen by your own eyes
LeAH wiLLiAms

Wilhelmenia Dyer

200 mickle tower apt. Senior citizens need help.they are living in a building infested with bedbugs. The only thing city housing of Camden has done. Is to have bed bugs dogs come in and sniff Apt. The bedbugs have spread to most apartments in the building. No treatment has been done in the building for these bed bugs. The elderly senior citizens need help from anyone that can help us. So that city housing of Camden can help us now and not months from now. We the residents and citizens of mickle tower apt need help. Please contact our resident resident thank you.Wilhelmenia Dyer God Bless!