18 reviews

Allegria At The Fountains

marker Atco, New Jersey


18 reviews

We couldn't be happier with Allegria! The staff is amazing and the care is top-notch. They treat my Mom like family, celebrating her birthday and remembering all the things she likes. She is thrilled with Allegria and so are we!
Jake Smith

Raphael Rand

This facility is gorgeous! My grandmother (God bless her soul), really enjoyed her final days here. It leaves me with great comfort knowing that she got to live out the rest of get life in a loving, caring environment. She even mentioned that during her time there, there was new ownership of the facility and they made her feel so at home! Thank you, Allegria!

Ask for all finance info & calculate a monthly 'rent' based on that lasting 24 months (I was told this when applying for the facility).What happens when the $ runs out? the make you move to an even smaller place in a shared apartment. I think they misrepresent this in their website claiming there are available shared apt. for people on a budget. But they don't say they bankrupt the poor person & then make them move in with a stranger. Little communication btw depts. They say they are staffed according to the legal requirements but little attention to residents.Person who gives the tours oversells & overcommits services which are later said to be nonexistent. Told my 80+ yo parent they have to do everything by self. As for my pops, well I found him left in a common area with no clothes on. And then wonder why I get angry with the lack of service. It is, however, pretty clean. And most of the admin are deaf earned, but many staff work hard in difficult situations. Are there worse places? Likely. Are there better places? Yes. Bottom line: assisted? big overstatement .
Mo Bran

Such amazing care, warm service, they took care of my father like he was family. The staff is dedicated, they are great, Jen & Tom pay attention to every detail. Highly recommend this wonderful place!