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American House Westland Hunter

marker Westland, Michigan


4 reviews
steve younker

Reply to owner post: On site Director (when I can get in touch w her) and Regional Dir have all heard from me regarding concerns and have my contact information. Original post: Downhill lately, worse since they changed management and now, somehow, even worse now that they changed to AdvisaCare on site healthcare assistants. They've missed giving medication to my mother, attempted to give double doses of medication, not providing escorts to meals or bringing up meals (on full serive plan so we pay extra for services not being provided). I guess she would not eat without us watching in room cameras. Folks not in office to answer, leave message and its hours before return call, if at all. The next New customer appears to get prioity over existing residents. AdvisaCare will not answer calls or call back once you've signed up.
Markie-Ann Mullins

One of my family members reside at this residence for the last 2 years and Ive never had a problem until recently the last 2 weeks she has called me in tears about how badly the head cook Jessica is treating the other workers, constantly sabotaging the employees and talking to them like trash . I am very disappointed this is supposed to be a place where they can call home but they cant even have conversations with the servers because the manager will yell that them for treating our families like family !!! And this is not something she is assuming this is issues she has witnessed multiple times !! I feel so sorry for any other family that has to deal with this and I do hope that you guys see this and do something about this because this is supposed to be home to them and it doesnt even feel like that it feels more like school where if you dont follow their rules you get punished !
Fran Hogan

Been visiting with my dad there for the past 3.5 years, I can tell you that it is a clean facility with a well staffed awesome crew. My opinion they could use an extra elevator and a generator.
DaMika Johnson