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American House West Bloomfield

marker West Bloomfield Township, Michigan


36 reviews

Unfortunately, corporate staff appear to be more concerned about generating revenue and ensuring occupancy than they are about the specific needs and safety of those residents requiring daily assistance and nursing care. My father who had memory loss and physical mobility issues was granted residency at this facility. However, the environment was certainly not conducive for his physical and mental needs. Moreover, my elderly parent was subjected to an increased risk for injury and/or an associated death due to a living environment not suitable or safe pursuant to his disabilities. The administrative representatives claimed that additional support services were available for purchase. However, these added expenses are costly for individuals with limited funds. Thus, I highly discourage placing a family member in this setting who is struggling with health related conditions including cognitive decline, memory loss, physical and mobility challenges, mental / emotional issues, and lack of independence. American House is an assisted living facility that provides social activities and planned meals for individuals that are still self-sufficient and in relatively stable health both physically and mentally. American House is not a nursing care facility, and therefore the staff should have the integrity to ensure that their facility is suitable and safe for the applicants specific needs prior to offering a residency contract. Shame on American House for placing more value on revenue and occupancy than on the well-being and safety of residents. CONSUMERS BEWARE!
Maaks Maxwell

We have toured many community's and it evident that there are many places to choose from. The following are what we have found to be fundamentally important factors that differentiates the varying community's. First cleanliness, well maintained internally and externally. Secondly, do the residents seem happy, and are the staff pleasant. Lastly does the community give a nice vibe, do people seem happy; and with all the points mentioned, that would be an absolute yes for American House West Bloomfield. It stands out it's one of the best community's we have visited. We met with the executive director, the hospitality we experienced was five star, it felt like we were visiting a five star hotel she had freshly backed coconut macaroons, offered us coffee and water. She personally showed us the community, it did not feel sales like, she knew every resident's name and greeted them, introduced us to many of them, you can tell she values the residents. She also introduced us to several of the staff members. Every time we encountered a staff member, they greeted us with a big smile and proudly said 'Welcome to American House' it was a nice experience. She took the time to introduce us to the staff the residents and show us the building. Highly recommend American House West Bloomfield.
Org Pro LLC

Alex Martins

Fantastic facility with extremely caring staff and residents!
Polina Stryk

Nice place, great food, wonderful administrator, very clean building. By far the friendliest place we toured.