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Advantage Living Center Wayne

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37 reviews
robert spann

The facility called and stated they had my father in laws wallet. After driving 3 1/2 hours to retrieve it, they notified me that they could not find it. As of today 6 July 2020, the wallet is still lost. The Compliance department investigated and came up with a bunch of excuses. They said even though it happened in their facility, I have to make a police report. The person who said they have the wallet, no longer works there and the facility can not get a hold of him. I work in the health care industry for 27 years and never seen this kind of leadership/management . I hope this review makes the facility more accountable for instance, following policy and making people accountable for their actions. I also experienced terrible customer service.
Rachelle G

This is a great place to work, all the staff go above and beyond to make sure our residents are happy!! The activities are awesome, you cant beat movie day, music memory and other social activities that are great for our residents!!
Norma Simmons

I used to work for this company but I movie on but my sister came there about 3 weeks ago and thanks too all for treating her well. The nurse Joy, cna David, Gay and all the staff thank you so much for taking care of her and also Julie for looking out. Will let everyone know how it is to be taking care of by a wonderful staff please keep up the good work. My heart is still there Norma Simmons
Bella Wood

My Account

Today 11/8/19 is my son's first day here after being discharged from the hospital. His room was not ready when he got there as the social worker was told it was. He had a broken call light and no remote for the TV. Also being a paraplegic he needs to be turned every two hours or with bed rails he can turn himself. They said physical therapy had to access him first. So his first night he is flat on his back no way of turning no way to reach a nurse and no tv. Not feeling very positive about this.