9 reviews

American House East II

marker Roseville, Michigan


9 reviews
Jennie Nguyen

Very nice staff, very clean. Good location
Cassie Hutchins

My 94 year-old father moved into American House II (Roseville) May, 2019. We had toured several facilities and selected American House based on the location, helpful staff, nice room, activities, and the facility amenities. We were not disappointed. The staff got to know him personally and were caring and most helpful. We highly recommend it!
Landon McCarthy

My mom loves it here! It was a hard decision when my mom decided to sell her home, my dad had passed away and she spent a lot of time alone. We were worried about how this would affect her health overtime. When we toured american house, my mom sat in on lunch and made a few new friends. She came for bingo one night and won! She decided to move to american house and is truly the happiest she's been in years.
Rachel Churchill

I worked for this American House for a year and a half. The facility itself is nice, and they offer many activities for the residents but management is horrible. Residents themselves have told me how downhill the place has gone since the current director and head culinary chef (kitchen manager) took over. The work you do for the low pay is unbelievable, and the kitchen manager has no idea how to run a department. Short staffed, they have no regard for things that happen in personal life with children or family. I had a death in my family and was written up for missing work, i have a 5 year old son (children get sick at times) was written up for absences due to my child being ill and not being able to come to wk at times. It's their fault they have nobody to cover shifts because every person that was hired in there for the hear and half quit immediately. The kitchen manager has teenagers cooking at night because they don't have a night chef anymore because she left as well. Daily residents complain about the food service. Night shift doesn't do a proper job of anything and the manager doesn't do anything about it. My advice to anyone looking into this place for a loved one would be to go to American House East 1. My residents loved me and I was told on a daily basis by them, that I was the best worker they had. I am so happy I made the choice to leave here and get different employment. The only thing I will miss there is the residents. The loss of good employees is the result of inexperienced, poor management. Get it together East 2!

Theft is rampant by staff. Management is incompetent and dangerous. Do not put your loved one in there if you value their well-being