4 reviews

American House Elmwood

marker Rochester Hills, Michigan


4 reviews
Linda Chase

A family member entered American House Elmwood in February. She was very anxious about moving! However, the people at American House Elwood are so welcoming and helpful that she laughs now when asked if she misses her old home. She is now safer, more active, surrounded by folks who call her by name, smile frequently, and show her that she matters. What a blessing in her life!
C Wilson

Excellent environment for your loved one. I am very satisfied with the level of care received for my loved one.
Harold Lanktree

I have lived at American House since May 1st, 2016. I needed some assistance and didn't want to live alone. I have been very happy here. The staff is very nice, I think the food is excellent, they do my laundry and clean my room. Highly recommended.
Eno-obong Effiong