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Alice Lorraine Care Center

marker Monroe, Michigan


5 reviews
Kathleen SkipperStong

Jacob Hall

Armildred Larabell

I was hired October 31st. Called by manager Conner and ask to start work the next day November 1st. I was supposed to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He stated that he was putting me with a veteran employee to train me those 3days. That veteran employee walked in to the building, became upset she was working with some one new. Told me she was tired of training people and that she had already trained 3 people that week. She rolled her eyes at me and said its going to be a long night..With that attitude I can see why they have a hard time keeping employees. I have worked in health care for 30 years and have never been treated so rudely. Job is not for me
Anna Ansari

Best care in the area, hands down!
Michelle Simpson