8 reviews

American House Hazel Park

marker Hazel Park, Michigan


8 reviews
Shawn Dawson

The beautiful landscape when you enter the complex. Walking in the place is simply beautiful. Friendly staff. Great dining area the food is good. The apartments are gorgeous.
Yolanda Smith Charles

Visited my 98 year young cousin. When visiting senior facilities you use your nose. The lobby did smell like pee however the floor my cousin stays on was fresh and clean smelling. Her apartment also smelled fresh.

Annie Averhart

Ok sure wii
Amy Sutcliffe

While the apartment it self is nice! The Medical Team is not!! My mother was harassed and neglected by they're team! Which resulted in a hospital stay! There's allot of covering up and told to call this person and that person after several meeting's nothing was resolved! If you do place your loved one there invest in a nanny cam you'll need it!! While there was a couple nice aides! The rest don't care it's a pay check! So you leave me a response to call yet I get the run around once again what a joke!!!