3 reviews

American House Grand Rapids

marker Grand Rapids, Michigan


3 reviews
Josh Sherry

Not an ethical company. They treat their employees terribly as well.
David Manheimer


A great place to live if you want trendy new furniture in the lobby but don't mind putting the bottom line ahead of your own or your loved one's comfort and quality of life. My elderly parent has lived here for several years and truly enjoyed it. But American House, the new owner, has made changes that leave residents more isolated from one another, and appears to be indifferent to pleas to reconsider. Morning coffee hour used to draw about 30 residents together 6 days a week in the dining room. Management decided it was inconvenient to rearrange the tables after coffee and before lunch, so this group can no longer gather as they did before. Hey, management's convenience is more important than 85 year old people who live alone being able to socialize outside their apartments one hour a day, right? As for meals, you now must buy an entire package of daily meals, cleaning and laundry, no more option to have a periodic meal with neighbors in the dining room. Not everyone can afford this, but tough luck for the low income folks out there. I guess management is waiting for them to move out or die off. My parent's overall health and well-being has deteriorated over the past few months since his opportunities for socializing are so limited. Who cares is there is trendy new furniture in the lobby?