3 reviews

Agape Home At Blueberry Fields

marker Fruitport, Michigan


3 reviews
Aubrey Boerema

Agape Home at Blueberry Fields is a safe, comfortable home for all residents. Residents receive tender and compassionate care 24/7, their delicious meals and snacks are made with their tastes in mind, and they are physically and mentally engaged in activities every single day of the week. I recommend Agape Home at Blueberry Fields to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, care-filled home for their loved one.
Abigail LaFromboise

I am sorry for posting a previous bad review. I was upset because this is the third time my grandma has been in the hospital since she moved. Also my grandma was not responding the night before when I called her. I finally had to hang up. The staff knew I was calling because I called them first to make sure they got my grandma her phone.
Pam LaFromboise

I would like to apologize and correct a review my daughter wrote. Agape Home at Blueberry Fields is an excellent place. They have gone above and beyond to keep my mother in law comfortable and safe. They have called every time she has gone to the hospital. We live in Northern Minnesota and they call and keep us posted on her condition weekly. My daughter was upset because her grandma was in the hospital for the 3rd time and she didnt get to talk to her the night before. She has several health issues and is 87. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good place for a loved one. I hope this review can be corrected. My daughter has made a big mistake by posting this review. Again our apologies to the Agape Home at Blueberry Fields for any inconvenience and any problems this has caused. If there is anything else we can do to correct thisPLEASE contact us.Sincerely,Pamela & Pierre LaFromboise