13 reviews

Addington Place of Dewitt

marker Dewitt, Michigan


13 reviews
Erikah Alvarez

Love love love working here. Love all the staff. The nurse and missy are great! They care about everyone, all the staff cares about the residents. The residents get home cooked meals 3 times a day. They are well taken care of. Everyones gets treated like family.
Cindy Maurer

I do not have a family member at Addington Place nor do I have a friend there. I have known people who have had family members there and recommended that my mother-in-law and mother both go there when we needed a facility. Unfortunately, we could not afford private pay and had to go elsewhere. I more recently have first hand knowledge of the staff and some residents. I know that staff worked diligently through the days with no power to make sure residents were as comfortable as possible and that meals were provided timely. The salaried employees worked multiple hours late into the nights to maintain as much normalcy as possible for the residents. Other employees volunteered to stay late, come in early or work doubles so that the residents received the best care possible under the circumstances. I have met several staff members and seen interaction with staff and residents. I would not hesitate to place a loved one in this facility and would feel confident they would receive wonderful care.
Deanne O'Rourke


I would never put my loved one in this facility. Management does not care about residents or staff. Family members are neglected and managmant does nothing. Medications are expired. Equipment doest work half the time. People fall and no one reports it or has medical professional look at it. They had no power for 3 days. The DON is the worst she doesnt care at all. There are workers who have been there.for years that yell and talk down to the residents and nothing gets dont. Training for staff is a joke. They will hire just about anybody too.
Brian Engels