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Aberdeen Senior Center

marker Aberdeen, Maryland


9 reviews
Mary Rasa

mark palmiter

It is the old Aberdeen Senior Center and it isn't all parks and recreations. If anyone out there is looking for excellent cardio exercise and cardio dance classes come to Aberdeen Parks and rec and sign up. Monday at 6:30 p.m. is a class called Pound. You will have to come in observe to get the full meaning of it but we you yoga mats and waited drumsticks and are constantly on the move. Thursday is a Zumba gold toning class. It is cardio dance with the Zumba Styx. It also starts at 6:30 and both classes are one hour long. The cost is $25 for each class ond day a week for a 12 week session. I recommend both as a weight loss tool and a toning tool.
George Hudson

Joyce Stevens

Needs more help from local government and the state in general. We were sopose to have a new building everything went up in smoke? You tell the seniors or 3rd generation where else can they go
Cora Brown

It's. Good. Work nplace. And. The. Manger. There. Is. Wonderful. Person