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Abilene Place

marker Abilene, Kansas


13 reviews
alan schreiner

The place looks wonderful inside but they need more help they need to clean the residents rooms better and laundry their clothes better and they also need to help the residents more than they do and get us some some decent food to eat and have someone cook the food that knows what they're doing they throw a lot of stuff together give the residence food they don't like service is poor you never can see anybody and around will you walk in it all needs to change
Marc Lahr

There are helpful and pleasant staff. Two fine Chefs & Great activities coordinator. They are taking a lot of precautions to keep everyone safe due to the Covid-19. The lodging is nice and comfortable. They keep in contact with the pharmacies and Dr's. Room repairs are taken care of promptly.
Vicki Key

I am very happy that I found Abilene Place for my sister to stay. The staff are very helpful and caring. I never have to worry if my sister is being cared for, or if she is safe.
Debbie Barnes

Abilene Place is where you take your loved ones to be in a safe and caring environment. Lots of activities and caring staff. Where everyone is cared for and treated like family.
Todd Moore

What a great place of Seniors. They are a vital piece of our community and many guest come through here monthly to entertain and showcase talents to our seniors to add to their lives where they are today.