6 reviews

ABCM Rehabilitation Center of Independence

marker Independence, Iowa


6 reviews
Tina Curtis

This place is very poorly ran. Pretty sure their administrator has no clue whats going on at either building and their staff dont know the residents at all. Last time I was there I found a bed bug and the DON tried to cover it up. Wouldnt take my dog there.
Julie Koeppel

Emerald Oaks staff and residents are wonderful. Unfortunately, ABCM corporate office lacks in many areas. The food has low nutritional value and is unappetizing. My parents apartment recently flooded due to rain and melting snow. Prior to this, corporate office was alerted more than once that the ground was not graded correctly. The front of the building is nicely landscaped but side and back areas have little to nothing. My siblings and I offered to do some updates at our cost and labor, but this was not allowed. My parents and other residents have left their homes and yards, which they took great pride in, to enjoy the leisure of no longer having to do work they are unable to do. Unfortunately, there's little to be proud of.
Janet Kuper

Great facility and took amazing care of my dad
Karen margaret Cook-Kimmerle

karen cook kimmerle

Great place to live