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ABCM Corporation

marker Hampton, Iowa


6 reviews
Beth Marie

GREAT place to work and for care. Focus is on the residents, tenants, and employees! No need to look any further for care or careers.
mary jo Canfield

The topic of many of our daily conversations is the poor quality of the food at Emerald Oaks in Emmetsburg. My mom ends up eating grilled cheese many days. At one meal, the pork chop could not even be cut. Meetings with corporate have not resulted in any improvement in the food quality. It's very disappointing that this can not be corrected. Aside from the food, the staff is excellent, and makes each resident feel special. They go above and beyond.
Greg Soenen

After moving to Emerald Oaks a few years ago Mom and Dad had concerns about water coming into their apartment during heavy rain events or snow melting. Several times water was right up to the threshold of their back door. Staff checked it out and passed on to corporate. Nothing was done. This year during a warm thawing day water invaded their apartment. Thankfully due to quick action and constant monitoring by staff and former director, damage was minimal and water damage to the rest of the facility avoided. However my parents lived for a couple of weeks with their furniture on blocks and a flooded area at their back door. Very stressful for an elderly couple when this could have been avoided by prompt action from corporate. Thankful to have been able to attend noon lunch with my parents from time to time, the meals are adequate but lacking in flavor, not something I would want to eat every day, and it doesnt appear the health concerns for some of the residents including my Dad are taken into account in meal preparation. If not for the fact Mom and Dad have so many friends living there and a caring staff they would be open to living elsewhere. I would like to give a five star rating to the facility my parents live in but cant at this time, hopefully this will change soon.After meeting with residents and corporate from ABCM a couple of weeks ago the quality of the meals is much better and the water issues appear to be in the process of being resolved, hope to upgrade to a five star rating soon.
Julie Koeppel

This corporation seems to care little about the quality and nutritional value of the food it provides to the residents. Donuts, rolls and oatmeal 6 out of 7 days a week for breakfast does not provide the nutrients an elderly person requires. And for many with Type 2 Diabetes, this can be dangerous to their health. The quality of the meals is poor as well (i.e. overcooked, mushy vegetables and dry, bland meat, among others).Providing healthy, tasteful meals is one of the things residents look for when choosing an assisted living facility. This corporation has failed and therefore has lost potential residents and has many dissatisfied current residents.
Annie Vaske

The local staff at Emerald Oaks is amazing and feel like a part of my parents family there. We have had more problems with administration and management issues in the past year or so. The quality of the meals has gone down drastically to the point where there are some meals my parents cant even eat. There has been multiple management and meal prep vacancies so trying to get anything done when needed is difficult as there is no one local to address the issues. My parents pay for well balanced, appetizing food and are not getting it. Overall it has caused more stress and anxiety for my parents when they are paying to live in a place that is supposed to reduce these things.