50 reviews

Altenheim Family-first Senior Living

marker Indianapolis, Indiana


50 reviews
Katrina Lindsey

We recently put my father in Beech Grove facility thinking how nice the appearance was didn't smell didn't look dirty.He is 79 we kept him at home for 12 years.He has many problems that requires 24 he care.First week went by no one gave him help or towels for washing.I had to bring attention to that.Next came no am care for a man who is in content.Again with that and wrong meds they got a call.we called every shift he's awake.Special request ignored .Called Adm.
Theresa Thomas

It's a good family business we treat our residents like our own family and would bring my family here been working here for almost 3 years and plan to be here for many more years to come
Marsha Elliott

I enjoy working at the altenheim and i love the residents
Danielle B

I love the Altenheim. I personally feel, Cardon facilities exceed the qualities of any other skilled nursing/Long term care facility in the Indianapolis area. They are very family oriented and genuinely care about each and every resident. The facility is also clean and has a wonderful smell. If I had a loved one in need of skilled nursing care or long term care, I would definitely choose The Altenheim!
Sonja Napier

Altenheim is a wonderful place to work! Staff works together as a team, always willing to go above and beyond for our families. We have a beautiful facility and offer exceptional care to our residents!