2 reviews

Bickford of Moline

marker Moline, Illinois


2 reviews
Suze Holgersson

Bob's mother and sister were there three years. The professional staff were amazing. They truly gave Marilyn her best years. And Bob's sister evolved further than we ever imagined she could go. Sadly though, the accounting department plays 'shuffle' with their invoicing. They quoted a price, then over billed, then gave credits, then said the credits weren't real, then over billed, on and on for 6 months. We tried to get answers. I finally took all of their statements and put them on a spreadsheet along with bank statements and it illustrated their significant over charges. I am just stating provable facts. After months of their avoidance dealing with the pesky facts, they changed the invoices and sent me >>>REDONE<< statements and said we owed them money. ( Just to get me to quit calling.) Makes you wonder if they are doing double books. Again, it is painfully sad because their staff is exceptional. But their administration is more than questionable.
Multidimensional Freedom Spirits Holt