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Alden Estates of Barrington

marker Barrington, Illinois


39 reviews
kimberly Schiffman/fritkin

Worst rehabilitation center nursing homes!!! My sister died in there care. She fell out of bed twice while on a ventilator, we were told ALden has alarms on there beds for patients who are on ventilators! THIS IS A LIE! MY SISTER FELL OUT OF BED AND WAS FOUND 2 1/2 hrs later. During the short time she was there Alden nurses gave medicine to my sister when on the notes on there computer system it clearly showed up in red as an alert not to give this medication, My sister ended up unresponsive to us for a week, due to this. The 2nd time she ended up at Good Shepherd she was died!!!!!!!! This facility Never reached out to us, nothing. We will start procedures through the law
Christy Dettmann

I was called to come pick my mother up to be discharged. I told them what time I would be there and even called to let them know when I was there. I sat waiting for someone to being my mother out for over an hour. When I called to see how much longer it would be they said they would see what was going on. I left work to come pick her up and they had me waiting for over an hour is ridiculous. But I'm seeing nurses outside smoking and walking to their cars.

Even months later, l am still traumatized by my experience at Alden of Barrington Estates. I am diabetic and often did not receive my insulin. I contracted food poisoning and had to be transported by Superior Ambulance to Good Shepherd Hospital about 1 AM. No one answered the call button so I tried to walk and I could not get help. I lay on the cold floor in my own waste and vomit for 45 minutes. The staff said things like 'I'm not touching her' and I pleaded with them to get me up off the cold floor. I was able to pull the phone down and call 911. I pleaded with the dispatcher for help. I was afraid I was going to die of hypothermia. When the Superior ambulance came, they put my bare bottom on the vinyl mattress, not withstanding my feces. They only put a thin sheet over me, despite the filth beneath me. I later had an infection on my bottom. At Good Shepherd Hospital they had to give me two litres of fluids and sent me back to that hell hole. They did not let me bathe for a week. Finally, I was bathed, only to find I was being discharged and they had called my son to get me. That explains the bathing. I would not send my worst enemy to Alden of Barrington Estates.
Monica Whiting

Sherra Michelle

Not a very pleasant place for elderlies. It takes hours for each individual to get any help or attention. I saw many struggling to get a nurses attention. Also didnt like their plan of action they took towards the virus. Poor quality decisions in a low quality facility.