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Alton Memorial Rehabilitation & Therapy

marker Alton, Illinois


12 reviews
Jeff Biddle

Great care for my Mother
Karen Fischer

My mom went there for physical therapy. The phone rings off the hook, if someone does pick up, and takes a message, they do not communicate either patient. I called 4 days in a row asking if they could give my mom cough syrup...(because a worker sneezed all over her while changing her bandage and gave my mom her cold) I asked my mom every day if they gave it to her, she said no. On the 4th day, the worker on the phone told me she could have Robitussin, but she has to ask for it. Total lack of communication.I stopped at the nurses desk and neither of them would look up and make eye contact as they were speaking to each other about being overworked, and both walked away. A staff member saw the look on my face and asked if she could help. My mom asked 3-4 times a day for someone to change her bandage and no one came back until I would call and request it.I do NOT recommend this place unless there is no where else to go.
Stephanie Lysakowski

Thank you for being so good to uncle Joe. Therapists, social workers, nurses, aides, cooks. So many people worked very hard to help us. It's often hard to say nice things about nursing homes bc they're not necessarily associated with positive experiences but everyone we were in contact with was warm, kind, helpful and understanding. Not a single negative to say.
Miranda Hagemeister

George Koprivica

My mom is a resident in Hospice. Since coming to Eunice Smith, her health and outlook have improved. The staff take excellent care of her. She gets a variety of good food. Patient call lights are never on for more than minute. Our family appreciates the kindness and thoughtful care the staff gives our mom - especially Terry, Allan, Felecia, Michelle and other nurses and workers. The greatest asset of Eunice Smith is the positive attitude of people working there. Their attitude must be rubbing off on my mom.