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Alto - Buckhead, GA

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15 reviews
Monica Carlos

Celia Alicea

As an emplyee in this community im very happy to say that this administration and all the residents employees and visitor make my day every day i walk thru the front door .I love working here and give my all to make everyday a plesant wonderful and great enviorment for all that enter the building with a smile ill greet you just come by my names mimi .teust me i cant get enough of my job .i love what i do and i love where i work.
Debby Heller

My 89 year old mother, who lived independently until last August, is now quite happy at her new home at Alto. She has been there since October but had to move out for surgery and rehab and then back to Alto and we worried about the transition. She is doing so well and we are happy with the care, the effort to offer activities and the response she and we get to needs that arise. In this season in life, there are many challenges and no day is easy or perfect, but I feel that I have a team helping me watch over my dear mother. She is known and greeted affectionately by the staff. I live nearby and come and go frequently at odd times and I am reassured with what I see. Perfection is impossible to achieve. Finding good caregivers in our current economy is challenging and I sense that Alto has to work hard to keep staffing consistent, but I always feel they are trying. Caring for loved ones with physical and cognitive challenges is not easy for family or assisted living homes. Nothing is easy or perfect and it takes a team effort. We as a family agonized over our choice last fall. We are quite comfortable with our choice now and most importantly Mom is happy in her new home.
Amanda Huginkiss

If you want to know more about this facility, look up the AJC Unprotected investigation. It will tell you all you need to know!
Tristan Sutton

All I can say about Alto Senior Living Community in Buckhead is completely positive. The staff and management have been 110% attentive and excellent! Very nice and professional building with knowledgeable and caring staff. Alto is my number one recommendation for anybody considering!