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All Ways Caring HomeCare - Augusta, Georgia

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8 reviews
Kesha Graham

Very unprofessional staffs and attuides horrible poor customers service..
Bridget G.

Went to do a job application, they seemed friendly to me, guess some folks just have their days, Lady at the desk was nice and helpful, if I get a job here I will vow that the time I spend with people loved ones will be dine right and I will care for them as if its NY loved one, I have a brother and Father that's diabetic and when MY dad almost died 3 different times the ICU & SCU let me spend the nite in his room for 2 weeks 2 different times and they see how fast I learned and they would let me take over and help turn him and etc and then old people I love anyway....
Michael Mitchell

If you plan to use this company don't bother making any plans. These people don't even deserve 1 star. They never show up. The employees constantly call off and the company doesn't even bother to get a fill in. If you are supposed to get care 3 times a week or for 12 hours a week you'll be lucky to get 1 visit and they won't be on time. This company doesn't care about you or your family or your time. If you are able, take your business elsewhere. The management and staff are equally pathetic and none of them could care less.
Gigi Black

Sorry, unmotivated, overworked, under paid. Rescare = Don'tcare
Smiley R

Office Staff sucks! They lie about sending people and have an attitude when asked to send somebody. Do not waste your money!!!!