8 reviews

Accushield LLC

marker Atlanta, Georgia


8 reviews
Ron Hart

Great product, terrific service.
Persnickety Designs

I don't know why this company is used or paid. They have never reached out to us for any credentials of any employees or any of our licenses etc...THEY DO NOT DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY ARE DOING. This company's complete purpose is to collect a check for themselves. They are fraudulent.
David Eskenazy

This is by far the best and most well supported front desk sign in solution. Now more than ever, whether virus, security or just plain common sense, we need to know who is coming and going and this company has made a fantastic solution. My hat is off to the Accushield team.
Thomas Laborde

We could not be more pleased with both the Accushield system, and the support from the company. Accushield is agile as it pertains to the changing needs of our industry. Their technology provides peace of mind for our constituencies; their service gives us peace of mind. In these times when health, safety and security are top of mind, Accushield is helping make our lives, and the lives of our residents and family members, better and easier.
Jonathan Glass

Amazing product and great company! The product is easy to use and meets a very important need in senior living communities while providing quality information to families about who is seeing their loved one and for how long. This transparency is vital and important in todays world.