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American House Zephyrhills, Florida

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9 reviews
Wendy L

I toured this place a day ago with Keaton. I think it would be an absolute perfect fit for my dad. I will be back to review again after he moves in. From what I saw on the tour I think any person who moved in here would be treated with kindness and would like living here.Back to give update, Dad has been here almost a month now and has settled in. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Definitely glad we chose this place!!Back for another update: Overall we are still happy, my only complaint is the team who distributes the medicine, they seem to have a lot of confusions at time, and luckily my dad has 3 daughters who stay on top of it.***Back for another update...I am no longer giving 5 stars, changing to 2. Have had AC problems, over 4 months now and not fixed. Prior to getting a dehumidifier in his room, we had a mold and mildew problem. Staff is very slow in fixing, always putting it off on someone else.A few staff members have developed attitude problems because Im not letting these little things that are going wrong be unnoticed and have to weekly keep on them.Kitchen staff is so friendly and accommodating especially with my dads picky habits.
Peter Bennett

Keaton and the entire staff do an incredible job of being thorough and attentive. Given our family situation, I couldnt have been more pleased working with them. The facility is great and again, the staff is incredibly warm and gracious. Highly recommended!
William Morehouse

Several of my patients live at American House and they are extremely happy. As a matter of fact, a wonderful woman who is a friend from the local Rotary recently moved there with her husband. They are extremely happy and glad they chose American House. Keaton is terrific!
Shane French

This is a top shelf facility that I would recommend to anyone. The staff is very caring and attentive.
Crystal Swank

Highly recommend!! The staff are very caring and go the extra mile.