48 reviews

Amavida Living

marker Fort Myers, Florida


48 reviews
Jewel Clark

Food is not a good menu, service is poor.Not how it was sold, food was delicious. Not going to get new residents and will lose ones already living there.Someone needs to make change of staff...starting with Head Chef! Menu planning and training of wait staff!
Gary Gofort

I cancelled my appointment for a sales tour due to a rude male employee. Now after reading the reviews I am glad I didnt go in.
Derek Lancaster

Recently went to see family and WOW !!!!Worst place I have ever visited to see family. Sure the scenery is great outside and the building itself is as well but careful looks are deceiving the concept is great but poor management and improper conduct and bad environment and to be completely upfront we all around had bad feelings. Met the food service director Josh and overheard him making lewd comments to another hispanic gentlman with glasses luis or something about a female employee. Not appropriate by any means! Then to top it off the food was mediocre at best. It is almost as if they didn't care about us. Took forever for our food and it was cold and tasted old. The staff was treated poorly from the little we saw and very little to no leadership. Then to top it all off we over heard a short gentleman named Collin which come to find out is the President, talking about some Oleck guy poorly that he just gives him money and he spends it and completely talking very inappropriately about this poor gentleman we are guessing it is an employee but can't be sure.... to we assume is a significant other, dark haired lady with glasses sharon or shannon or something we arent sure of the name only got a quick glimpse but very snooty and come on folks, public displays of affection in a work environment are ridiculous. We didn't come to see that. Let's keep it classy. So seems like the staff doesn't know how to keep the personal stuff out of customers eyes. The wife 'says it was like a real life days of our lives.' I agree with her ... This place has huge potential with the right leaders and attitudes in place, people that respect and appreciate it's employees. I mean none were smiling. It was actually very depressing.... And what happened to professionalism and customer service! But hey, if you like gossip and feel like being part of a real life days of our lives episode then it's Perfect!! #1 people watching spot.
Vee Lee

Please read these reviews, this place is terrible. They do not care about residents or staff, just making money. This is by far the worst place I have ever worked with the worst people. The president, human resources, dining, etc. I am just disgusted at how they treat associates. Beautiful place with arrogant leaders.
sam kellam

Maybe things will finally get better at Amavida now!