5 reviews

American Advanced Senior Care, LLC

marker Clearwater, Florida


5 reviews
Ronnie Thompson

We moved my mother into AASC on December 2, 2019. When I first walked in, a family member of another resident told my my mother was going to love it there. That was an understatement. The whole staff is loving and caring and amazing. The director, Vicky, is friendly, efficient, warm, and very accessible. She responds to my texts usually within minutes. The place is very clean. I brought wipes to wipe down shelves before placing my mother's belongings, and it was already spotless, not even a speck of dust. I speak to my mother daily, and she tells me everyday how happy she is living there. Her only complaint is that they eat dinner too early, but it's worth it to be there. I live in NJ, so it is such a load off my shoulders knowing that my mother is in such a great place.
Rob Taylor

I don't know where to start as to how I'm pleased with all the staff here. My mom moved to AASC several months ago after looking at numerous facilities. We narrowed it down and she chose AASC. She loves it there mainly because they care for her and she is treated so well. The administrator Vicky runs the place as if it were her home and I'm so very grateful for her. I can't say enough about Shannon, Fay and rest of the warm staff at AASC. My family thanks you...bless you all.
Shannon Keggan

Love it here. Ive never enjoyed working for an ALF like I do here. The administrator is AMAZING! All the other staff are all kind and caring and very attentive to the residents.The residents are well takin care of and the food is awesome. I would recommend this place to everyone!!
shanequa white

Eline Baslin

I used to be one of the most valued employee there due to me being the most valued employee my residence care deeply not deeply but depended on me to come and brighten their day at this miserable place after my departure I went by recently to visit someone dear and her neighbor I was greeted horribly bye the administrator mother who's working at the aid I then proceeded it on to call the following business day to be greeted by an unprofessional lie administrator if she did not want the job they should do better cuz those people deserve better facts are facts